Disappointed Lizzy

I can follow a strict diet for a while and feel so good once I lose the weight. So why can’t I just keep it off?

Someone asked me this question recently, and it’s a good one!  My first response was, “I think I know the answer; do you have any ideas about that?” It seems so obvious to me, but I realize that it can be a blind spot for many people, particularly serial dieters.  Losing weight can be fun, empowering,[…]

Superb Tips for Strengthening Will Power

Planning upcoming classes always starts with a BIG idea.  Then I spend the next month or more paring the scope down to a manageable amount of information. Reining in my excitement for a topic is part of the process – all good! Changing habits is an enormous topic, and I know it is what most[…]

The Importance of “Mindset”

The process of changing habits is a topic of huge interest to me.  It is a large part – arguably the largest part – of helping people get healthier.  For this reason, earlier this month I found myself at an all-day seminar on the subject. One piece of new information has been rattling around in[…]