Hidden Binge Eating: Difficulty Finding the Light

Here’s another guest post from my mystery blogger.  Many of us can relate to her story of secrecy.  Understanding why we treat ourselves unkindly is a key to coming out from underneath the emotional weight.  There is always a reason we start an unsupportive habit, and it usually starts with judgmental thoughts.  Then the patterns[…]

Guest Blogger Post #2 – A Deeper Look at Food Cravings

What causes a binge?  I think it is a combination of tempting food chemistry as well as our own attitudes and beliefs.  If addictive food chemistry were the only thing involved, there would be nothing we could do to help once we started eating.  That would be very liberating on one hand – “I clearly couldn’t[…]

Guest Blogger Post #1: Halloween Binge

An Empty Bag . . . SPOOKY! With this post, I am starting a series – Journal of a Binge . . . and Beyond.  It is a real life journal of someone who struggles with this oh-so-common challenge.  While she will remain anonymous, we can all thank her for her honesty that allows so[…]