Choose Your Own Style (of eating)

How tuned in are you to your needs?  Do you know what your best eating style is?  Chances are good that you have been confused and discouraged, trying to keep up with the latest nutrition research in hopes of nailing that perfect diet that will allow you to maintain an ideal weight for life, never[…]

Need Help Evaluating Weight Loss Product Claims?

It would be really, really, REALLY great if a weight loss product actually did what it promises.  There are few other products – erectile dysfunction products come to mind – that create such . . . um, high . . . expectations. A list of guidelines for evaluating the claims for the many weight loss products on the[…]

Body Weight + Water Consumed = Body Weight + Weight of the Water Consumed

It doesn’t matter how many times I say this.  It is not always obvious that the weight of what you put into your body will increase you weight by that same amount.  If you weigh yourself after drinking a 1 pound (16-ounce) bottle of water, guess what?  You will weigh 1 pound more than you[…]

The Magic Bullet is HERE!! (on second thought . . . )

I had a weak moment this morning.  I confess that for an instant I considered spending a good chunk of change (more like wad of dollars!) on a beauty “miracle”.  I got an e-mail ad from a skin care company, and they made some very enticing claims.  They promised to minimize my pores, tighten and[…]

“To Lose the Weight, Eat Food You Like”, and Other Nonsense

When you’re in a hurry, take your time. Slow and steady wins the race. To lose the weight, eat food you like. Do these statements seem illogical?  If many of us are honest, the answer is “yes!”. “Take my time when I’m in a hurry?!  Are you kidding?  I need to rush.”  Moving in overdrive[…]

More Nutrition Confusion: Skip Breakfast?

Skip breakfast and feel more mental clarity, lose fat better, live longer?  Huh?!  Haven’t we all been told that people who eat breakfast supposedly live longer.  I also read a recent study that found men to be 20% more likely to develop diabetes if they are habitual breakfast skippers.  I also have believed – based[…]