Want to GAIN weight? Try dieting!

Yes, dieting . . .  a great way for many people to gain weight over time.  It has everything to do with your outlook. Focus on the scale and obsess about food choices, restrict calories to the point of discomfort, and remove pleasure from your eating; you will most likely find yourself buried in a[…]

Tubby Stella

Another New Year’s Resolution for Weight Loss? Really?!

We used to have a dog who loved to wander.   From what I hear, it must have been the beagle in her. I had to pull this picture out today as a reminder of how many of us felt at some point during the holidays. This was taken after she disappeared for about 14 hours.[…]

Is it really a surprise that binge eating is associated with blood sugar abnormalities?

I have long suspected that binging is associated with blood sugar abnormalities, increasing the risk of insulin resistance.  It just makes sense to me that consuming large quantities of food at one time would tax the body’s ability to manage the blood sugar reaction, especially if binging is ongoing for years.  A study just came[…]

Weight Loss Advice from Nutritionists

  I was encouraged by this recent article, “Weight Loss Advice from Nutritionists.”  Top of the list? Be nice to yourself. This is advice that would have seemed silly to a lot of people 20 years ago, probably even as recently as 10 years ago.  The fact is that it matters.  Research is proving this to[…]

Having trouble losing weight? Try accepting your body first.

I’m preparing for my yoga final exam class this weekend.  My class will be grounding, with a focus on body image (feeling grounded in one’s own body).  Some thoughts for a short meditation offer another outlook on the topic.  Another way of looking at things is often helpful. Imagine that you hate the house you[…]

An Eating Experiment: The Bachelorette Weekend

What would happen if you just agreed to be present with your eating experiences, especially when involved in an overeating experience that feels uncontrollable. This was the experiment I proposed to someone facing a weekend of planned overindulgence at a bachelorette party.  “Just be present, no matter what is happening.”  Overeating, drinking too much:  that[…]

One Lovely Blog Award

It is always nice to be recognized for the work we do!  I was nominated by haijin amin for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Rules are that I must tell 7 things about myself and nominate 15 others, so here goes: Things about me you may not know: 1.  I worked on the 88th floor[…]

The Choices Are Always Yours

I want to share a comment that one of clients e-mailed to me today: “Happy Easter!  And yes, I’ll eat a marshmallow bunny because I can :)” I love it!  She is understanding my philosophy about personal choice and the importance of the big picture.  When people know the choices are theirs, AND they have[…]

Microwave Cooking Damages DNA?

Have you seen the e-mail about the horrors of microwave cooking?  I received it for the second time today.  The first time was over a year ago – rumors die slowly.  If you have not seen it, the short version of the story goes like this:  microwave ovens cause damage to DNA, cause cancer, etc.[…]