Deli Case

The Most Important Holiday Eating Tip

A recent article points out what I think is the single most important tip for avoiding holiday eating disappointment and weight gain.  Bonus:  It is just as important any month of the year. Enjoy a small portion of a favorite food regularly – possibly even every day. Viewing treat food as “bad” or off limits creates a[…]

Is a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies a serving?

It’s that time again! Yes! Girl Scout cookies are here, and I start hearing the word “sleeve” used to refer to something other than that thing on a shirt that covers an arm. Two different camps of cookie eaters become apparent to me, and the group a person falls into is a good indicator of[…]

Deli Case


The term “food addict” is tossed around loosely.  Many people claim to be addicted to sugar, or potato chips, or chocolate or . . . . The term “addiction” sounds serious, and it is, so we should be careful how we use it in relation to food, or we may end up contributing to our own[…]

Guest Blogger Post #1: Halloween Binge

An Empty Bag . . . SPOOKY! With this post, I am starting a series – Journal of a Binge . . . and Beyond.  It is a real life journal of someone who struggles with this oh-so-common challenge.  While she will remain anonymous, we can all thank her for her honesty that allows so[…]