Happy Mother’s (Martyr’s?) Day!

If you are a mother, I hope you find the time to mother yourself today.  This can be very VERY difficult for many women to do without guilt.  I know, because I spent too many moments martyring myself to others’  needs when my kids were small. When offers of help came my way, my response was[…]

Quick Start, Pause, Cool Down

These are the choices on the treadmill I use regularly:  quick start, pause, and cool down.  I can also enter a pre-programmed workout, but I always just press “quick start.” Without an iPod this morning, and with no interest in the TV options, I found my pace and settled into my thoughts.  My eyes again[…]

A Whole New Outlook

Here is a great example of what happens to attitude when people approach weight loss with a long-term outlook.  (from one of my group participants) I’ve changed. Every summer my family (6 siblings, spouses, children) get together one weekend in summer for a Brewer game and associated frivolity.  By frivolity, I mean:  lotsa beer, food,[…]