Too much? Too little? Ahhh . . . that’s just right!

Oh, the beauty of balance!  Yes, you can get too much of a good thing.  A new study claims that people who run a lot – not moderately – tend to have similar risks of dying as those who do not run at all. A little running – say 3 to 4 miles a few[…]

Build Strong Mental Skills to Enhance Weight Loss Efforts

I picked up a recent issue of Runner’s World magazine, intrigued by the teaser on the cover:  “Beyond the Mantra – Transform Your Running with Your Mind”.  Hmm, sounds like something I talk about often, but in reference to eating habits and weight loss.  “Transform Your Eating with Your Mind” would be the title I[…]

Remember . . . It gets easier.

I went for a run this morning, my usual 3 miler.  I have been enjoying this lately, as long as I keep the distance short and the frequency low (about once a week).  It feels like a celebration of my no-longer-strained hamstring muscle. This morning, however, I just wasn’t feeling the good “mojo” as I[…]

Oh no! This is not how it’s supposed to go!!

When my daughter Becky was little – say, 2 or 3 – she was already quite precise.  As an adult, she still likes things to be orderly and predictable.  We used to laugh about how she would object to something that was not going according to “Becky Rules”.  “That’s NOT how it goes!” became a[…]

Post Workout Dreamsicle Anyone?

I ran a 5K today, the first one that actually involved a little pre-event training effort on my part.  I am not a serious runner. Still, I met both of my goals:  #1 – no knee pain, making it possible to finish, a very important part of doing well in a race!  #2 – Finish[…]

Life As a Run 3

Push too hard and you will find yourself at the other end of the exertion spectrum – not pushing at all or giving up completely. This is the latest of my wisdom gleaned while running.  The competitive side of me is showing its colors lately, as I get closer to an upcoming local 5K run.[…]

Life As a Run 2: Recalibrate Your “Hard-o-Meter”

I recently pulled out my “Hard-o-Meter” and took a fresh look.  It has been years since I last thought about this . . . Where exactly are my limits?  What can I really do, in all areas of life?  (Gotcha, didn’t I?  You thought this was something dirty, didn’t you?) For years I have settled[…]

Life as a Run

I am so excited to be able to run again!  There was a long time – a couple of years, really – when I found myself struggling to get through even a mile without having pain in my knee.  I felt defeated every time I had to stop.  I felt so good otherwise, and other[…]