What are you teaching your children about eating?

Yes, we all know how to eat when we are born!  It is instinctive.  So where does the confusion enter?  Why do so many people come to me seeking advice about how much they should eat, when they should eat, why they should eat, . . . ?  “Should” is not my favorite word.  In[…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Comfortable Side of Uncomfortable Eating

As we enter the season of overindulgence and achingly full bellies, I am reminded of days gone by, when I thought that eating healthy meant cutting out “unhealthy foods” altogether.  No foods with added sugar (too unhealthy), no tasty sauces (SO unnecessary), and on and on.  At least that was the plan.  While it makes[…]

“Listen, brain, you will not control my sleep (or eating or relationships or . . . )!”

I just emerged from a recent bout of insomnia, and WOW, that was certainly eye-opening!  As much time as I spend explaining to others why it is so important not to allow the brain to be left unsupervised when making food choices, I have a confession to make:  I let mine run wild as I tried to “fix”[…]

Wish you thought about food less? Stop the tug-of-war!

“When you resist you are giving what you don’t want power. When you persist you are empowering your choices.” ~Laura Day I will not have that ____.  (Fill in the blank with any food you obsess about.)  I WILL NOT HAVE THAT _____!  I WILL NOT HAVE THAT _____!! Can you feel the tension grow[…]

Superb Tips for Strengthening Will Power

Planning upcoming classes always starts with a BIG idea.  Then I spend the next month or more paring the scope down to a manageable amount of information. Reining in my excitement for a topic is part of the process – all good! Changing habits is an enormous topic, and I know it is what most[…]

Is It Worth Getting Zapped To Eat That Treat?

Sometimes my ideas for blog posts come from very unlikely situations.  In this case, I was walking Stella (our Beagle-Australian Shephard mix).  She stopped at a crusty looking object to take a sniff.  As she picked it up in her mouth, clearly finding the disgusting thing absolutely delightful, I reached down to take it away.[…]

Oh no! This is not how it’s supposed to go!!

When my daughter Becky was little – say, 2 or 3 – she was already quite precise.  As an adult, she still likes things to be orderly and predictable.  We used to laugh about how she would object to something that was not going according to “Becky Rules”.  “That’s NOT how it goes!” became a[…]