How Long Have You Been Dieting?

“I’ve been dieting since I was 8,” said my new weight loss client.  She is now 50-something.  “The doctor looked at a chart and told me I was on the high end of normal, but with a little luck I might grow into my weight.  I remember feeling like something was wrong with me.” Sadly, this[…]

Is it really a surprise that binge eating is associated with blood sugar abnormalities?

I have long suspected that binging is associated with blood sugar abnormalities, increasing the risk of insulin resistance.  It just makes sense to me that consuming large quantities of food at one time would tax the body’s ability to manage the blood sugar reaction, especially if binging is ongoing for years.  A study just came[…]

Water to Combat Workplace Cravings?

Can it be as simple as taking a drink of water?  A study of workplace temptations at what the article calls the “food altar,” a trip to the water cooler proved to be a very helpful strategy for avoiding unplanned eating “oopsies” at work.  Could it be as simple as a structured break in the[…]

The Starr Group Benefits from Kim’s Mindful Eating Program

Employees at The Starr Group recently completed 9 weeks of a mindful eating program.  After tuning in to triggers for eating and becoming more aware of the reasons for their choices, participants began to take a new look at what really works for their health.  The program is innovative and research based. Listen to Mary[…]

Healthy Shepherd’s Pie – Try It!

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, but I made this yesterday, and it is beyond delicious. I’m not kidding! My husband and I both agreed that if we didn’t tell people, they would believe there were mashed potatoes on top, but the cauliflower is much more nutritious and weight friendly. I highly recommend[…]

Want to Break a Bad Habit?

So how do you go about breaking a habit?  It is no surprise to me that, along with practicing new habits over and over, mindfulness plays a huge role.  This TED talk is very helpful.  It’s only about 9 minutes – well worth taking a moment to watch and listen.

It’s not just WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat as well.

How you eat matters.  A recent study supports what seems obvious to me:  a pleasant, relaxing eating experience leads to healthier food choices and better health. So many people race out the door, grabbing something as they go, or they graze all day long without ever sitting down to enjoy their food.  The study looked at the eating[…]

How did I miss National Donut Day?!

Did you know that Friday was National Donut Day?  I did not. This was brought to my attention – alas, too late! – by a client who updated me on this very important holiday.  While giving an update about the past week, she mentioned that she and her husband had to have a donut on[…]

Here’s the real secret to weight loss that lasts!

Right here.  Right now.  I am going to reveal the secret to the question that drives people to try every eating plan under the sun, spend billions of dollars every year, and endure endless suffering in pursuit of its answer.  The answer to the question – what is the secret to lasting weight loss? –[…]

Quick and Easy Roasted Veggie and Hummus Wrap

I came home hungry today with no patience for a complicated lunch preparation.  The wrap I made was so easy, and this was the best lunch I have had in weeks!  I had leftover roasted veggies – always a good idea – and the homemade hummus was leftover from the weekend. The wraps I found[…]