A Better Way to Start Healthy in the New Year

I had a recent radio appearance on local public radio (WUWM) on the topic of New Year’s resolutions and dieting.  How can you have a healthier start?  Listen to my thoughts.

5 Reasons Not to Make a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Weight focused goals tend to feel punitive and tedious. Health and wellness goals (which will result in weight loss as a side-effect) tend to be more positive and “feel good.” Diets are “Just Do It!” formulas – often a list of polar opposites like “good foods” and “bad foods.” This is part of the dieting[…]

Tubby Stella

Another New Year’s Resolution for Weight Loss? Really?!

We used to have a dog who loved to wander.   From what I hear, it must have been the beagle in her. I had to pull this picture out today as a reminder of how many of us felt at some point during the holidays. This was taken after she disappeared for about 14 hours.[…]