Moving forward feels so much easier than backtracking . . .

This applies to more than just what happened recently on my way to the gym.  Let me explain. My husband and I headed out to the gym together, with everything we needed for a quick workout . . . except – oh no! – my running shoes.  I discovered the oversight when we parked and[…]

Black-and-White, Disguised as Gray

I keep thinking about a recent interaction with a client.  After a fairly significant weight loss – 20 pounds – she was stuck . . . couldn’t get motivated, and was in fact gaining.  Life threw her a curve ball – injury – causing the loss of mojo. After looking at the plan she still[…]

A Pea Coat Is Just a Pea Coat, or Is It?

Motivators are so individual.  I have seen people work toward health or weight loss goals with the incentive of “earning” a special bowl or vase they might not otherwise buy. . . or maybe they would, but somehow it is different when they “earn” it.  Others will work for mere stars on a chart. One[…]

” . . . you just explode.”

It’s another year, another opportunity to find fresh hope, new inspiration, and novel ways to approach a healthier lifestyle.  I am on the hunt for motivational materials – quotes, pictures, videos, experiences – to share with my groups who approach another year of changing long-time habits (not easy!  not quick!  not always self-propelling!) AND to[…]

Life as a Run

I am so excited to be able to run again!  There was a long time – a couple of years, really – when I found myself struggling to get through even a mile without having pain in my knee.  I felt defeated every time I had to stop.  I felt so good otherwise, and other[…]