Daily Exercise Offsets Unhealthy Changes from Short-Term Overeating

A recent study of 26 healthy men highlights the amazing benefits – even in a brief time period – of regular exercise.  Several previous studies have shown unhealthy changes in blood sugar control as well as genetic changes to fat cells in response to overfeeding. This study compared two groups, both of which were significantly overfed[…]

Weight Loss Myths: Updates

I came across an interesting article on the ABC News website, “6 Weight Loss Myths Debunked”.  Some of the information is probably not new for you, but I suspect most of you will find something worth noting.  I have inserted my comments after each one.  (Click on the link for the full article.) 1.  Cut or burn[…]

So . . . IS a calorie a calorie or not?

Let’s take a look at the latest published study regarding the effects of 3 different eating plans on maintenance of weight loss. Study Details Twenty one overweight and obese, but otherwise healthy, adults first went through a weight loss phase, all of them losing 10-15% of their initial weight.  This was followed by a 4 week standard[…]