Black-and-White, Disguised as Gray

I keep thinking about a recent interaction with a client.  After a fairly significant weight loss – 20 pounds – she was stuck . . . couldn’t get motivated, and was in fact gaining.  Life threw her a curve ball – injury – causing the loss of mojo. After looking at the plan she still[…]

Willpower: Tips for Finding More of “IT”

  – Willpower is usually much better when a person is well-fed.  Being over-hungry is like tossing your willpower right out the window!    – The same can be said for pleasure from your food.  After days on end of boring, tasteless food, it is usually not long before willpower wears thin and cravings for tasty food[…]

Is It Much of a Stretch . . .

. . . to change “quitting smoking” in this quote to “dieting”?   “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know. I’ve done it a thousand times.” – Mark Twain For so many people in our diet-driven culture, losing weight is a serial activity.  When approached with a  more long-reaching outlook –[…]

What are the healthiest actions you can take in the moment . . .

. . . to have the healthiest overall health in the long run?  Think about it.  I didn’t ask, “What are the healthiest actions you can take in the moment?”  The answer to that question for most people would be a form of “super behavior”, maybe an ideal super activity (if there is such a[…]

Never Underestimate the Value of Maintenance

We all forget to be grateful for what we have.  It’s human nature.  Every so often we get reminders, usually when we lose something and then we appreciate it.  Sometimes it is money or material items.  I recently lost my iPod, and I really appreciate it now that it’s gone!  Even if we have not personally[…]

Something old, something true, something followed, something brewed

Seattle is one of my favorite cities.  I am here for the weekend, mainly to see Allen Stone and the band (which includes my son, the bass player) perform at the Paramount Theater.   The show last night was sold out, and the group did not disappoint Allen’s home town crowd.  Of course I was[…]

The Importance of “Mindset”

The process of changing habits is a topic of huge interest to me.  It is a large part – arguably the largest part – of helping people get healthier.  For this reason, earlier this month I found myself at an all-day seminar on the subject. One piece of new information has been rattling around in[…]

More Clues to a Long, Happy Life

The title grabbed my attention – “The Island Where People Forget to Die”. The article appeared in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday, and I have been thinking about it all week.  Click on the link, if for no other reason, to see the picture of the absolutely radiant, very elderly man with the sharp outfit.[…]

Lifestyle Is More Important

I just read results of another study that draws a possible connection between heart disease risk and a genetically determined trait.  This time it is blood type.  I am Type A, so I am – according to this study – 8% more likely to develop heart disease. Those with A, B, or AB blood types appear[…]