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Dieting Makes Us Fatter

The research just keeps coming!  A recent New York Times article explains why you “can’t lose weight on a diet.”  It is long, but worth the time to read the entire article.  Can we finally start focusing on a healthier lifestyle without so much emotional energy invested in a number on the scale?  Did you know that[…]

Let's get this over with!

An (Unwilling) Glimpse at Over-Hunger

Tomorrow is a special day . . . sort of.  Yayy!  It’s the day of my colonoscopy. Those of  you who have been through this know that today (the day before) is a special day too.  It’s clear liquid diet day.  Woo hoo!  I would never do this willingly.  Broth and tea are not doing[…]

What’s for lunch? (or a quick snack?) I have no time (to cook or shop)!

One of the biggest problems with eating healthy is lack of planning.  I’m not talking about the kind of planning some people do:  make a list for a week of meals, go to the store and buy the ingredients, cook all afternoon on Sunday to prepare for the week, freeze some . . . .[…]

Know What You Know!

Common Sense – So Rare, It’s Kinda Like a Superpower . . .  ( I often remind people to consider common sense.  Why?  Simply because there is so much focus on what is the “right” thing to do as defined by the internet, TV, “experts” and research. Carbs are good . . . no, wait[…]

What Can I Eat On An Airplane?

This is a tough question for many people to answer.  With airport security, there are limited options for foods to pack for longer flights.  You can forget the usual yogurt, unless you pay $5 for a small carton at the airport. I faced this dilemma recently, knowing I was going to be on the plane[…]

More Nutrition Confusion: Skip Breakfast?

Skip breakfast and feel more mental clarity, lose fat better, live longer?  Huh?!  Haven’t we all been told that people who eat breakfast supposedly live longer.  I also read a recent study that found men to be 20% more likely to develop diabetes if they are habitual breakfast skippers.  I also have believed – based[…]

Oh no! This is not how it’s supposed to go!!

When my daughter Becky was little – say, 2 or 3 – she was already quite precise.  As an adult, she still likes things to be orderly and predictable.  We used to laugh about how she would object to something that was not going according to “Becky Rules”.  “That’s NOT how it goes!” became a[…]

So tell me . . . Are you feelin’ lucky??

I was riding home on the train yesterday, after a day trip to Chicago to see my son play with Allen Stone and his band at the Manifest Urban Arts Festival.  I was feeling lucky all day.  Grateful really.  It completely fills my tank to see my kids happy and doing what they love. AND it’s[…]