Try Counting Grams of Added Sugar

I just heard the first Christmas song on the radio yesterday!  Yes, the holidays are upon us once again.  This is the season for egg nog, cookies, candy, . . . all in excess.  That makes it a good time to take a closer look at sugar. Most of us consume too much added sugar.[…]

Recipes as Legacies

I was in the middle of a holiday stress-fest yesterday – gotta bake the cookies (I felt like the Dunkin’ Donuts guy), gotta wrap the gifts, gotta, gotta, gotta – until I noticed myself tensing up and realized it was time to get myself to a yoga class. . . Which calmed and focused my[…]

Twinkies and Other Scarce Items

You must have heard by now:  Hostess is going out of business.  Oh no!  No more Ho Ho’s, Snowballs, Ding Dongs, and worst of all – NO MORE TWINKIES.  Personally, this means nothing to me.  I have probably eaten a grand total of 2 Twinkies (at friends’ houses) over my entire lifetime, and I cannot[…]

Chocolate Supply Predicted to Fall Drastically

Do I have your attention now?  If the U.S. supply of chocolate became scarce – which it is not – do you think you would crave it more?  If it were available only for a limited time – say, the 15th of March was the only day you could eat it – would you spend[…]