The holidays are a perfect time to start improving eating habits!

I was just preparing to write a post about why this time of year (the holidays) is a great time to start making changes when I received an e-mail from a client that was so on target with that topic that I decided to share it: “A couple of things that you said last week[…]

Enjoy the holidays without the guilt . . . and quite possibly improve your eating in the process.

One of my staff dietitians had an article published in USA Today.  Thankfully she offers a truly useful look at holiday eating, not the usual recycling of tips we all know (ie.  “Bring a vegetable platter to the party.”) Aren’t we all tired of those same recommendations every year?  The tips that will really help[…]

Guest Blogger Post #3: So Many Self-Compassionate Ways to “Waste” Food!

Does this picture make you cringe?  (Not because of the fact that it includes a toilet, but because it shows food being thrown away?) I agree that wasting food is not a good idea in general, but it isn’t that simple!  A lot of people have lots of trouble with control around certain foods, usually sweets[…]