Think you are destined to live out a set genetic destiny? Think again.

I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts – and the actions they create – to either make us healthier or sicker.  The environment is constantly acting on our genes to create our health status, and part of that environment is the quality of your thoughts.  Are your thoughts defeatist or hopeful[…]

Need Help Evaluating Weight Loss Product Claims?

It would be really, really, REALLY great if a weight loss product actually did what it promises.  There are few other products – erectile dysfunction products come to mind – that create such . . . um, high . . . expectations. A list of guidelines for evaluating the claims for the many weight loss products on the[…]

Who Doesn’t Love a Man Who Cooks?! (Listen Up You Young Guys.)

When my 29-year-old son was much younger, I taught him how to cook.  Let me just say that this has served him well – practical for himself, but also a fine advantage with the ladies! My husband also used this trick – with me – and it worked.  He is a great cook, and he looks[…]

Daily Exercise Offsets Unhealthy Changes from Short-Term Overeating

A recent study of 26 healthy men highlights the amazing benefits – even in a brief time period – of regular exercise.  Several previous studies have shown unhealthy changes in blood sugar control as well as genetic changes to fat cells in response to overfeeding. This study compared two groups, both of which were significantly overfed[…]

A Pea Coat Is Just a Pea Coat, or Is It?

Motivators are so individual.  I have seen people work toward health or weight loss goals with the incentive of “earning” a special bowl or vase they might not otherwise buy. . . or maybe they would, but somehow it is different when they “earn” it.  Others will work for mere stars on a chart. One[…]

Penne with Quinoa Turkey Meatballs

This has quickly become one of my “go to” meals – healthy, delicious, hearty, and relatively quick and easy.  It has also become one of my favorite dishes to eat as a leftover for lunch with extra broccoli.  The quinoa is a great way to make the meatballs moist and tender, while at the same[…]

I Forgot the Balsamic: Imperfection is a Gift to Ourselves and Each Other

The demonstration table was ready.  I had the single burner ready.  Two bags containing everything I could imagine I would need to cook an asparagus side dish was there:  saute pan . . . check, wooden spoon . . . check . . . . asparagus, goat cheese, grape tomatoes . . . check, check,[…]

Something old, something true, something followed, something brewed

Seattle is one of my favorite cities.  I am here for the weekend, mainly to see Allen Stone and the band (which includes my son, the bass player) perform at the Paramount Theater.   The show last night was sold out, and the group did not disappoint Allen’s home town crowd.  Of course I was[…]