“I can’t figure out why I’m not losing!!!” Sound familiar?

This is a familiar complaint.  It can be so frustrating, demoralizing, perplexing, . . . when people feel like they are following the rules and they JUST AREN’T LOSING WEIGHT.  I’m going to share a secret, the reason behind most of the situations like this I see. You may be seeing only a part of[…]

A Man’s Body Image Question

I started a new session of my 7-week “Get Real” program last night.  Week 1 focuses on attitudes and beliefs about eating and body image.  We talked about weight loss beliefs (often confusing) as well as how important it is to notice judgmental thoughts many of us hold about our bodies and why this makes progress difficult. I explained how[…]

Vacation coming up and panicking about that swimsuit?

I recently attended a birthday celebration for a lifelong friend, someone I have know since grade school.  I met many women for the first time, so their histories and backgrounds were all new to me.  Listening to their stories and filling in the pieces of their lives, I was reminded of the similarities among many women when it[…]