Lessons from “The Biggest Loser”

Losing 239 pounds in 7 months is a good thing for a 430 pound man, right?  Not so fast!  Literally. It turns out that hunger hormones are drastically affected by rapid weight loss.  Combined with a decreased metabolism designed for survival, it becomes very difficult for someone to maintain the lower weight long-term without almost[…]

The Best Diet for 2014 (and 2016)

This is a re-post of one I wrote 2 years ago (with an updated title), but how little really changes . . . Gotcha! I knew I could catch your interest with a title like that!! Are you still looking for IT – the plan that will do it for you this year, the ONE[…]

Here’s the real secret to weight loss that lasts!

Right here.  Right now.  I am going to reveal the secret to the question that drives people to try every eating plan under the sun, spend billions of dollars every year, and endure endless suffering in pursuit of its answer.  The answer to the question – what is the secret to lasting weight loss? –[…]

There’s no shame in procrastinating! OWN it for better eating.

I can see myself doing it.  I’m procrastinating again!  I have a work project I had intended to work on today, but I keep getting up from my desk.  “Just a little snack . . . a couple of nuts . . . then back to work.” Who am I fooling?!  I’m just not going[…]

“Coffee is far more than a beverage” and food is almost never simply fuel.

I had coffee with a friend recently.   Retreating from the cold Wisconsin weather, we settled in, warmed up, and savored the wonders of our steamy beverages:  the taste and warmth of the drinks, to be sure, but also the experience of connection in a cozy setting. Later she sent this: Yes!  We eat –[…]

Sparkly Pink Jeans and Food Cravings

  Let me tell you a quick story, one recently told to me by a young woman as we discussed a topic unrelated to eating . . . but then again, it was.  How we interact with food in our lives is so often a reflection of our tendencies in general. So, here’s the story,[…]

Question: What Can You Fill An Avocado With?

The answer is . . . just about anything! Make a quick, delicious, satisfying – and healthy – snack or mini meal out of one of nature’s healthiest fats, an avocado. Try stuffing half of one with salmon salad (I mix my canned salmon with plain Greek yogurt, celery, and onion), egg salad, a blob[…]

Turning Hindsight Into Foresight

We’ve all heard the expression “Hindsight is 20/20.”  But what does that kind of expert vision accomplish if it just manifests as regret.  Absolutely NO good!  In order to be valuable, hindsight has to give us a little foresight.  In other words, it must be combined with learning to have any benefit in the future. My husband[…]

By the Book: Not the Best Way to Raise Children . . . or Manage Your Weight

My clients frequently display signs of brilliance!  After a great start to a slow and steady weight loss – after decades of yo-yo swings – one of my recent superstars was trying to explain how different her attitude is now. “This reminds me of when my kids were little.  I tried to raise the first[…]

Don’t Diet – Change Your Lifestyle . . . Do you get it yet?

I couldn’t agree more.  Why do all of the trendy diets work for a while, and then people often gain back what they lost?  The simple reason is:  How you eat is much more important than what you eat.  The “what” usually takes care of itself when people are developing a “peaceful” eating pattern that[…]