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Another New Year’s Resolution for Weight Loss? Really?!

We used to have a dog who loved to wander.   From what I hear, it must have been the beagle in her. I had to pull this picture out today as a reminder of how many of us felt at some point during the holidays. This was taken after she disappeared for about 14 hours.[…]

Is it time to get rid of an exercise or eating rule?

Do you count calories?  Points?  Carb grams?  Maybe you have been weighing yourself daily or even several times a day?  Are you someone who feels guilty when you don’t get your hour of exercise every day of the week? While I am in favor of setting kind boundaries in all areas of life – not[…]

Deli Case


The term “food addict” is tossed around loosely.  Many people claim to be addicted to sugar, or potato chips, or chocolate or . . . . The term “addiction” sounds serious, and it is, so we should be careful how we use it in relation to food, or we may end up contributing to our own[…]

A Man’s Body Image Question

I started a new session of my 7-week “Get Real” program last night.  Week 1 focuses on attitudes and beliefs about eating and body image.  We talked about weight loss beliefs (often confusing) as well as how important it is to notice judgmental thoughts many of us hold about our bodies and why this makes progress difficult. I explained how[…]

The Crazy-Maker

Can’t figure out why you’re not losing weight?

I’ve been hearing various versions of this dilemma lately.  Whether the problem is that someone has been “doing everything right” for a while or that they made short-term extreme sacrifices with their diet, the common theme is confusion and frustration. They just can’t figure out why the weight is not coming off. After ensuring that enough time[…]

Natural sugar is a desirable ingredient?

Oh, com on . . . What next?!  I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal, and I find myself wondering who falls for this nonsense.  I hope you won’t! Food manufacturers will try anything to influence our choices.  Soft drink companies are trying a new method to get us to buy their products:[…]

Don’t Depend on Mere Willpower for Weight Loss

Although there is clearly a trend toward a more lifestyle-based weight loss style, the dieting industry is still going strong.  A recent article presents updated statistics about obesity in the U.S., as well as results of opinion polls about weight loss. One of the most interesting findings to me, although not surprising, was that people view “lack[…]

No worries, no insomnia!

What we call “normal” matters.

Is it “normal” to feel hungrier some days than other?  How about feeling in control of eating one day and feeling unable to emotionally driven to junk food the next?  How we react to varying physical and emotional needs – and whether or not we even consider varying needs “normal” – matters . . . a lot.[…]

Let's get this over with!

An (Unwilling) Glimpse at Over-Hunger

Tomorrow is a special day . . . sort of.  Yayy!  It’s the day of my colonoscopy. Those of  you who have been through this know that today (the day before) is a special day too.  It’s clear liquid diet day.  Woo hoo!  I would never do this willingly.  Broth and tea are not doing[…]

The Crazy-Maker

How Do You Weigh In on Weighing Frequency?

I read an interesting article today, one more in a long line of articles I have read over the years about how often we are supposed to weigh ourselves for best results with weight management.  Let me summarize . . . according to the study results, we should weigh ourselves every day if we want to lose[…]