Healthy Chocolate Shake Alternative

I found this recipe as I was looking for something a little healthier than a chocolate milkshake.  I love thick, creamy drinks when I am especially hungry . . . and wanting chocolate!! Low-fat options just don’t quite do it.  This one uses avocado instead of dairy fat, so you could call it a “Mediterranean[…]

The (Apparently!) Multi-Purpose Kitchen Gadget

The purpose of a kitchen gadget may not always be obvious to everyone.  A recent consultation with a young man reminded me that if you don’t know what something is, you might assume it is designed for a different job altogether. This charming young bachelor is working on improving his eating habits, and the basics[…]

Moving forward feels so much easier than backtracking . . .

This applies to more than just what happened recently on my way to the gym.  Let me explain. My husband and I headed out to the gym together, with everything we needed for a quick workout . . . except – oh no! – my running shoes.  I discovered the oversight when we parked and[…]

Confession: I joined the Godiva Chocolates Reward Club.

Yes, it is true, and I will not apologize for it.  They were passing out samples when I was with a friend who was buying Valentine’s Day gifts for her daughters. I enjoyed every bit of the small strawberry champagne truffle offered to me.  Creamy, just the right amount of sweetness, mmmm!  I ended up[…]

My iPhone App is In the App Store – Please Try It!

I am happy to report that my 1-1/2 year journey to make my dream a reality has finally resulted in a phone app for iPhone that can be downloaded from the app store.  If you like my general approach – very human and forgiving, and very REAL – I think you will enjoy giving the[…]

The Best Diet for 2014

Gotcha!  I knew I could catch your interest with a title like that!! Are you still looking for IT – the plan that will do it for you this year, the ONE that will help you meet your New Year’s resolution (the same one you make every year, to lose X number of pounds, maybe[…]

What are your habitual thinking patterns? Are they serving you or undoing you?

Habitual thinking patterns can easily undo the best of intentions when it comes to eating.  Because they have become habits, these thoughts play out unconsciously, which makes them so sneaky and difficult to change.  A perfect example is the all-too-common self talk that proclaims “I blew it.”  The obvious (but not really very logical) conclusion[…]

Try Counting Grams of Added Sugar

I just heard the first Christmas song on the radio yesterday!  Yes, the holidays are upon us once again.  This is the season for egg nog, cookies, candy, . . . all in excess.  That makes it a good time to take a closer look at sugar. Most of us consume too much added sugar.[…]

Top Ten Weight Loss Mistakes

I presented a seminar with this title several years ago.  While looking for something else in my (not so) organized file, I came across the handout.  The tips are just as appropriate now as they were then.  While I usually like to take a positive approach, this flip-side look at weight loss habits may help[…]

Need a new healthy (gourmet! easy!) snack?

I have been in a snacking rut lately.  Same old same old.  Plain Greek yogurt, a fresh peach, cinnamon, and a dash of brown sugar – delicious, by the way, but even delicious snacks get boring after a while. Lying in bed this morning, inspiration hit!  Pathetic, I know, that my first thoughts of the[…]