How Long Have You Been Dieting?

“I’ve been dieting since I was 8,” said my new weight loss client.  She is now 50-something.  “The doctor looked at a chart and told me I was on the high end of normal, but with a little luck I might grow into my weight.  I remember feeling like something was wrong with me.” Sadly, this[…]

Dieting is not helpful for adults any more than it is for kids.

For overweight kids, research shows that dieting is not successful.  Avoid putting yourself on a diet as well! The same logic applies. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines for treating overweight children and teens.  “We need to focus on health and healthy behaviors, rather than the number on the scale,”[…]

Snack Food Companies Are NOT Looking Out For Your Health

An interesting article appeared in last week’s New York Times Magazine, “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food“.  It is no surprise to me that snack food and junk food peddlers are not interested in your health.  I have read other accounts of their intense efforts to fuel overeating (of their products, of course).  Still[…]