You can whistle (and smile) while you work!

Are you working toward improving your eating or just working (and working, and working, . . . )

A comment from a weight loss client really sums up my feelings about traditional dieting, as well as the major reason why diets have failed so miserably for so many people.  My group was discussing emotional eating, and I was making the point that mindfulness takes a bit of “work,” since most of us are[…]

Can you notice deeper changes?

Everyone I counsel has one goal in common:  health.  Beyond that the details vary a little, but for the most part, almost everyone wants to lose weight. The goal seems simple on the surface:  be healthy, lose weight (the goal), and it’s all good, right?  In other words just follow the plan, whatever plan that[…]

Is holiday time a bad time to start making lifestyle changes?

What do you think? I hear a lot of people making statements like “I know the holidays are a bad time to start anything . . . .”, “I might as well wait until January . . . .” . . . . . etc., etc. Is this a bad time to try making any[…]

Remember . . . It gets easier.

I went for a run this morning, my usual 3 miler.  I have been enjoying this lately, as long as I keep the distance short and the frequency low (about once a week).  It feels like a celebration of my no-longer-strained hamstring muscle. This morning, however, I just wasn’t feeling the good “mojo” as I[…]

Maintaining Weight May Help You Lose It

It is really hard to make lifestyle changes!  True behavior changes do not happen at light speed.  The reality is that most people change at a snail’s pace, and the process of moving forward is regularly interrupted by little “side trips” or even backtracking adventures. I also see people reach a weight goal, and then[…]

Attitude is Key for Maintaining Weight Loss: Do Ya Think?!

While leafing through my latest professional journal, I was happy to see research support for what I think is so important – the attitudes and behavior skill-building needed to maintain weight loss.  Let’s not forget how easy it is to lose weight relative to how hard it can be for many people to maintain the[…]