Too much? Too little? Ahhh . . . that’s just right!

Oh, the beauty of balance!  Yes, you can get too much of a good thing.  A new study claims that people who run a lot – not moderately – tend to have similar risks of dying as those who do not run at all. A little running – say 3 to 4 miles a few[…]

Ouch! Friendly Reminders About Balance, or “Johanna made me do it.”

My poor body!  It has tried many times over the last week and a half to gently remind me, with subtle yet increasing muscle tenderness and joint aches, that I am pushing too hard.  You see, I have been testing my physical limits lately:  “Let’s just see what I can do if I give it[…]

Too Much of a Good Thing Is . . . Too Much

Like so many Americans, I take dietary supplements, nothing too crazy, but I take them everyday.  A recent editorial in the Sunday New York Times had me headed for the kitchen cupboards to check out the labels on my vitamins. I know this stuff.  I’m familiar with the studies that show adverse effects from too[…]

Greater Balance Is Often the Important First Step Toward Weight Loss

Big-small, high-low, hard-easy, hyperactive-sluggish, . . . these are all examples of life’s extremes.  What we all really seek is balance.  For that reason, the lows will tend to be counterbalanced by the highs. The human body is programmed for balance.  Equilibrium in terms of pH levels and glucose levels is a matter of life[…]

What are the healthiest actions you can take in the moment . . .

. . . to have the healthiest overall health in the long run?  Think about it.  I didn’t ask, “What are the healthiest actions you can take in the moment?”  The answer to that question for most people would be a form of “super behavior”, maybe an ideal super activity (if there is such a[…]

Never Underestimate the Value of Maintenance

We all forget to be grateful for what we have.  It’s human nature.  Every so often we get reminders, usually when we lose something and then we appreciate it.  Sometimes it is money or material items.  I recently lost my iPod, and I really appreciate it now that it’s gone!  Even if we have not personally[…]

Reflections on My Yoga Weekend

Exhilarated and fired up!  Drained and surrendering.  That is how I feel after 20 hours of yoga training this past weekend.  Light/dark, strong/weak, confident/self doubting – all at once.  Today I am reflecting on the dual nature of all things, but specifically related to me and my experience. Among all of the universal truth reminders,[…]

Know What You Know!

Common Sense – So Rare, It’s Kinda Like a Superpower . . .  ( I often remind people to consider common sense.  Why?  Simply because there is so much focus on what is the “right” thing to do as defined by the internet, TV, “experts” and research. Carbs are good . . . no, wait[…]

Don’t end up gaining fat, losing your job, and getting street gunk on you.

What happens when you continually eat dinner in front of the TV, slouched over, watching B movies? You don’t eat mindfully, which means you are likely to consume more junk in larger quantities . . . Which means you end up falling asleep in front of the TV as your body magically transforms that junk[…]