Want to GAIN weight? Try dieting!

Relax! This shouldn't be so painful.

Relax! This shouldn’t be so painful.

Yes, dieting . . .  a great way for many people to gain weight over time.  It has everything to do with your outlook. Focus on the scale and obsess about food choices, restrict calories to the point of discomfort, and remove pleasure from your eating; you will most likely find yourself buried in a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream (perhaps after a brief period of remarkable “success”).

Focus on health and feeling good every day, and the results will be much more positive over time, albeit a slower process.  The immediate benefit is a decrease in anxiety and an immediate improvement in overall feelings of wellbeing.

Listen to body signals – hunger, yes, but also needs for pleasure and emotional health.  Keep an eye on the long-term goal . . . the REAL one, not the dress you might love to fit into by next month.  Maybe you have children you’d like to keep up with, or a 5K you would like to be able to complete, or a lab result that needs tweaking in a healthier direction.  These are worth remembering regularly.

An article in the Washington Post reinforces the value of this approach.  Try my In the Moment – Mindful Eating app to help with the more human side of cravings and habit-breaking.  Taking care of yourself isn’t painful.  Dieting is.

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