Is a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies a serving?

It’s that time again! Yes! Girl Scout cookies are here, and I start hearing the word “sleeve” used to refer to something other than that thing on a shirt that covers an arm.

Two different camps of cookie eaters become apparent to me, and the group a person falls into is a good indicator of their relationship to sweets. Some people can eat just one, or two, maybe three, and stop there – no problem. Others describe with distress the feeling of starting out with one or two and then losing control, not stopping until an entire sleeve of cookies is gone.

It’s always a good illustration of the two general types of reactions people seem to have to eating foods for what they think is pleasure. The controlled eaters, those who can eat a few and not panic, can make a reasonable argument that the cookies actually were pleasurable to eat. The uncontrolled eaters, who have trouble with stopping once they start, cannot truly convince me that they have had a pleasurable experience.

Good reminders about “pleasure eating”: Losing control is really not a pleasurable experience. Feelings of control can vary from food to food, in varying environments, and in different frames of mind. Yes, there is a chemical component to cravings, but attitudes and thought patterns (how you feel about what you are doing) matters at least as much. If you think you are naughty having a single cookie, why stop there, right? After all, you’ve already blown it. (Makes no sense.)

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