The holidays are a perfect time to start improving eating habits!

Don't cry . . . eating healthier doesn't mean giving up holiday treats!

Don’t cry . . . eating healthier doesn’t mean giving up holiday treats!

I was just preparing to write a post about why this time of year (the holidays) is a great time to start making changes when I received an e-mail from a client that was so on target with that topic that I decided to share it:

“A couple of things that you said last week are really standing out to me—

  • That time does move by quickly and buds will be on the trees before we know it and being 5 or 10 pounds lighter would feel a lot better than scrambling around and still trying to figure out my strategy.
  • That my body has in fact responded to adjustments I’ve made over the years since I haven’t gained more weight in the last few years.  (My note:  She was gaining previously.)
  • That ultimately I will need to discover how much fuel my body needs to be at the weight that feels healthy and developing these habits will take diligence and attention and that trying to speed through or skip this step isn’t a long term plan.”

Brilliant, don’t you think?  Now, are you able to put aside the usual “holiday binge/New Year’s resolution” habit in favor of more sensible, realistic long-term changes in behavior – starting right now?  The good news is that starting now does not mean that you have to go cold turkey with everything you love.  No, no, no . . . that would just be part of the old pattern, right?  Starting a more moderate approach now (just an improvement over last year’s holiday season) means you are moving toward real change.

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