Natural sugar is a desirable ingredient?

The wooden table is natural too, but would you eat it?

The wooden table is natural too, but would you eat it?

Oh, com on . . . What next?!  I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal, and I find myself wondering who falls for this nonsense.  I hope you won’t!

Food manufacturers will try anything to influence our choices.  Soft drink companies are trying a new method to get us to buy their products:  highlighting the presence of “natural cane sugar” in the ingredient list.  If I were trying to sell soda – which I never would, of course – I would try very hard to minimize the presence of sugar in my product.  I would hide it in fine print, cover it with a sticky coupon, anything to take the attention off of it.

This just shows how confusing nutrition information can be.  Yes, sugar is natural . . . and highly processed, and inflammatory . . . is likely a significant risk for developing heart disease and diabetes . . . and (just in case you care how quickly your skin ages) sugar causes breakdown of the collagen that keeps our skin elastic and wrinkle-free.

But heck, it is natural.  Big deal!!  So are a lot of things we shouldn’t eat.  Don’t be fooled.  Lots of money is spent by big food manufacturers to make unhealthy food and drinks sound healthy, or at least not unhealthy.  A little bit of sugar is fine for most people, but many Americans get far too much to be consistent with health.


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