Weight Loss Advice from Nutritionists

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Are you nicer to your dog than you are to yourself?


I was encouraged by this recent article, “Weight Loss Advice from Nutritionists.”  Top of the list?

Be nice to yourself.

This is advice that would have seemed silly to a lot of people 20 years ago, probably even as recently as 10 years ago.  The fact is that it matters.  Research is proving this to be true.

It matters whether or not self talk is generally supportive or cruelly negative.  It matters how mindful we are of thoughts and feelings and it matters whether or not we hold ourselves to impossible standards and “grade” our efforts in a very judgmental way.

And it certainly matters if we are able to forgive ourselves and move on (or not) when we aren’t able to meet our expectations, even if they are realistic.  In short, it matters whether or not being human, with all its shortcomings, is acceptable to us.

The other advice, also helpful when viewed with kindness:

Stop dwelling on what you shouldn’t eat.

Make a plan.

Take things slow.

Eat whole, not “health” foods.

The “In the Moment – Mindful Eating” phone app is designed with kindness to oneself in mind.  I believe non-judgmental mindfulness and self-compassion are most important for long term health and weight control . . . and happiness in general.  How can that be a bad method?

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