An (Unwilling) Glimpse at Over-Hunger

Let's get this over with!

Let’s get this over with!

Tomorrow is a special day . . . sort of.  Yayy!  It’s the day of my colonoscopy.

Those of  you who have been through this know that today (the day before) is a special day too.  It’s clear liquid diet day.  Woo hoo!  I would never do this willingly.  Broth and tea are not doing the trick for my hunger, nor are they my idea of eating pleasure.

Always looking on the bright side, I decided to see what I could learn, or relearn as the case may be.  Here’s what I know for sure.

  1.  Not eating enough leads to food fantasies.  Mine go something like this:  “I could sure go for a big bowl of ice cream with nuts. . . What will I make for dinner after my procedure??  Hmmm, maybe some pasta would taste good. . . . with lots of Parmesan cheese, . . . please.
  2. Clear liquids only provide a distraction.  They are not really satisfying at all.  I do not see the point of all of the New Year’s cleanses.  Who is really going to keep that weight off anyway . . . which leads me to the next point . . .
  3. Whatever is lost on the scale while having nothing more than clear liquids will be quickly regained anyway.  Why bother?
  4. Hunger and all of its accompanying preoccupation with food is what leads many dieters to binge.  You will simply not win when fighting the body’s survival mechanisms.  Finesse is so much more effective.  That means getting enough to eat while gently tweaking habits in a positive direction.
  5. I must admit that I feel more than a little bit spoiled.  Really, it’s just a day without food.  I THINK I will live . . . which leads me to my next realization . . .
  6. I truly WILL live.  I am a little uncomfortable, but how bad is it really?  Not tremendously, BUT . . .
  7. I haven’t started the colon prep medications yet, so . . .
  8. It can always be worse.

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