Having trouble losing weight? Try accepting your body first.


Comfy at home or itching to move out? It matters.

I’m preparing for my yoga final exam class this weekend.  My class will be grounding, with a focus on body image (feeling grounded in one’s own body).  Some thoughts for a short meditation offer another outlook on the topic.  Another way of looking at things is often helpful.

Imagine that you hate the house you live in. In fact you can’t stand to be there and are constantly planning to move somewhere else. You continue to ignore even basic upkeep . . . why would you take care of such an ugly, decrepit place?!

The paint is peeling, the carpet is dirty, and you hardly ever take the time to make the bed or take out the trash. “If only I had a house in a nicer neighborhood,” you think, “with a 3 car garage and granite countertops in the kitchen . . . THEN I would be happy. I would spend all my free time there, polishing my beautiful countertops and buffing my hardwood floors.”

By accepting and simply noticing what we have right now without judgment – especially our bodies – we can see the potential there. We can notice what we like along with what we want to change. We can even begin to see a clearer path toward where we want to go. With a little TLC and self-compassion, we can move toward more supportive thinking that leads to better self-care and healthier, happier lives.

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