For Healthy Whole Grains, Look for 10:1

An article about whole grains published recently by the Harvard School of Public Health offers a helpful, easy guideline for choosing healthy whole grain products.  The simple indicator:

For every 10 grams of carbohydrate, there should be at least 1 gram of fiber.  For example, a product that contains 23 grams of carbohydrate per serving should have at least 2.3 grams of fiber.  Easy!  Just simple grade school math.  The 10:1 ratio is based on the ratio of carbohydrate to fiber of whole, unprocessed wheat.  Researchers found that products that met the 10:1 ratio usually had less sugar, sodium and trans fats than the ones that didn’t.

I shared this information with Peter, and this morning I noticed this package in a prominent spot on the counter.  I knew this was his way of saying, “Look at what I found, Miss Smarty Pants!”  Yes, he is smart.  The carbohydrate:fiber ratio is 40:6, better than 10:1, and there is no added sugar.  There are nuts and raisins in it too – sounds delicious!  Bravo for Peter.


I checked the cracker aisle a few days ago and found that Triscuits are now available in many new varieties.  My favorites, which meet the 10:1 goal, are the two below.  They have a very short ingredient list of all natural food items.  They taste good too!


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