Seattle’s a Treat for the Senses


That's my son on the bass!

Note to self:

A great stress reliever is simply to GET OUT OF TOWN!!

I spent 2 days in Seattle last weekend.  It reminded me that a couple of days in new surroundings – away from daily duties – is great for a quick recharge.  I shook up my taste buds with some of the local ethnic cuisine – Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian.  (These are meals I rarely eat at home, since my husband is not a fan.)

Looking out over Puget Sound at the mountains is so peaceful.  On a personal note, I had lots of time with my son and had a chance to meet his friends.  Great music!  In general, I just had a little more time to focus on the basics, and a little less reason to stress about anything.  It is no coincidence that I returned home full of creative ideas.  I think my brain needed the space I freed up by putting everyday responsibilities (and worries) on the back burner for the weekend.

Pike's Place Market: A Feast for the Eyes

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