Day 3 Without a Dishwasher

Can’t Meditate? Do the dishes instead.

My husband greeted me at the door with the tragic news.  “I think the dishwasher’s broken . . . . stopped mid-cycle, no water coming out . . . ” My first reaction:  “&*#$!”  After fiddling with it for a few minutes, thereby confirming his report, I made note of the inconvenient and truly awful[…]

“In the Moment – Mindful Eating” App in the news!

On Monday, a nice article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talked about the phone app I developed.  I thought the writer, Lori Nickel, did a nice job of understanding my passion and translating it into a very readable format.  (Just click the link to read it.)

Reason #1001 Why My Husband Is So Smart

I married a very, very smart man.  Why?  He listens to me. Peter loves to ride his road bike, and he likes to go on long rides, long enough to be “completely worn out.”  He knows that going out 2 days in a row will just be too much, yet he has such a hard[…]

Cultivate “awe” for a more health-friendly attitude! (And Happy Birthday, Brent!)

Today at around 9am EST, my first-born turned 30. He lives in Seattle, but this momentous day will be spent near New York City, close to his birthplace, while on tour with Allen Stone; my son plays bass. We toss around the word “awesome” these days like we used to use the word “wonderful.” Break[…]

Turning Hindsight Into Foresight

We’ve all heard the expression “Hindsight is 20/20.”  But what does that kind of expert vision accomplish if it just manifests as regret.  Absolutely NO good!  In order to be valuable, hindsight has to give us a little foresight.  In other words, it must be combined with learning to have any benefit in the future. My husband[…]

Are you missing the YUM?

My brother-in-law told me a story yesterday that I keep coming back to, thinking about, and appreciating the gentle reminder it provided.  Nearly all of us, myself included, can use a gentle nudge back to the YUM we are missing every day. While preparing to enter the pool for his regular lap workout, my brother-in-law noticed a[…]

I Am An Addict

Hi, I’m Kim and I am an addict. My substance of choice?  The constant chatter of my own thoughts. This may not seem like much of a problem.  After all, thinking is intellectual, right?  Thinking is creative, right? True, and true again, but like many addictions, a moderate amount can be good, or at least[…]