Want to GAIN weight? Try dieting!

Yes, dieting . . .  a great way for many people to gain weight over time.  It has everything to do with your outlook. Focus on the scale and obsess about food choices, restrict calories to the point of discomfort, and remove pleasure from your eating; you will most likely find yourself buried in a[…]

A Better Way to Start Healthy in the New Year

I had a recent radio appearance on local public radio (WUWM) on the topic of New Year’s resolutions and dieting.  How can you have a healthier start?  Listen to my thoughts.

Is it really a surprise that binge eating is associated with blood sugar abnormalities?

I have long suspected that binging is associated with blood sugar abnormalities, increasing the risk of insulin resistance.  It just makes sense to me that consuming large quantities of food at one time would tax the body’s ability to manage the blood sugar reaction, especially if binging is ongoing for years.  A study just came[…]

Guest Blogger Post #3: So Many Self-Compassionate Ways to “Waste” Food!

Does this picture make you cringe?  (Not because of the fact that it includes a toilet, but because it shows food being thrown away?) I agree that wasting food is not a good idea in general, but it isn’t that simple!  A lot of people have lots of trouble with control around certain foods, usually sweets[…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Comfortable Side of Uncomfortable Eating

As we enter the season of overindulgence and achingly full bellies, I am reminded of days gone by, when I thought that eating healthy meant cutting out “unhealthy foods” altogether.  No foods with added sugar (too unhealthy), no tasty sauces (SO unnecessary), and on and on.  At least that was the plan.  While it makes[…]

Guest Blogger Post #2 – A Deeper Look at Food Cravings

What causes a binge?  I think it is a combination of tempting food chemistry as well as our own attitudes and beliefs.  If addictive food chemistry were the only thing involved, there would be nothing we could do to help once we started eating.  That would be very liberating on one hand – “I clearly couldn’t[…]

Guest Blogger Post #1: Halloween Binge

An Empty Bag . . . SPOOKY! With this post, I am starting a series – Journal of a Binge . . . and Beyond.  It is a real life journal of someone who struggles with this oh-so-common challenge.  While she will remain anonymous, we can all thank her for her honesty that allows so[…]

Wish you thought about food less? Stop the tug-of-war!

“When you resist you are giving what you don’t want power. When you persist you are empowering your choices.” ~Laura Day I will not have that ____.  (Fill in the blank with any food you obsess about.)  I WILL NOT HAVE THAT _____!  I WILL NOT HAVE THAT _____!! Can you feel the tension grow[…]

How did I miss National Donut Day?!

Did you know that Friday was National Donut Day?  I did not. This was brought to my attention – alas, too late! – by a client who updated me on this very important holiday.  While giving an update about the past week, she mentioned that she and her husband had to have a donut on[…]

“Coffee is far more than a beverage” and food is almost never simply fuel.

I had coffee with a friend recently.   Retreating from the cold Wisconsin weather, we settled in, warmed up, and savored the wonders of our steamy beverages:  the taste and warmth of the drinks, to be sure, but also the experience of connection in a cozy setting. Later she sent this: Yes!  We eat –[…]