Is a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies a serving?

It’s that time again! Yes! Girl Scout cookies are here, and I start hearing the word “sleeve” used to refer to something other than that thing on a shirt that covers an arm. Two different camps of cookie eaters become apparent to me, and the group a person falls into is a good indicator of[…]

A Better Way to Start Healthy in the New Year

I had a recent radio appearance on local public radio (WUWM) on the topic of New Year’s resolutions and dieting.  How can you have a healthier start?  Listen to my thoughts.

Water to Combat Workplace Cravings?

Can it be as simple as taking a drink of water?  A study of workplace temptations at what the article calls the “food altar,” a trip to the water cooler proved to be a very helpful strategy for avoiding unplanned eating “oopsies” at work.  Could it be as simple as a structured break in the[…]